We Are Developing The Universal Health Information Network

The UNHIN will not just achieve it's direct goals but also provide a foundation and act as a catalyst to transform the entire Healthcare Ecosystem

Develop Health Infrastructure
Reduce Healthcare Cost
Improve Quality Of Care
Reduce Global Health Risk
Increase Physicians & Staff
Eradicate corruption in healthcare
Develop heath information backbone
Empower patient centric care

The Universal Health Information Network (UNHIN) will digitize the entire healthcare world and bring it closer together – It’s not a new idea, but a brand new approach!

    The Current Approach to implement EHRs is not working

  • Prohibitively expensive, with Global Expenditure exceeding US$33.4 Billion by 2025
  • Lack of interoperability with siloed systems leading to fragmented, inaccurate records
  • Economically unsustainable for advanced nations, and simply not viable for developing and underprivileged areas
  • Provider centric systems developed from a billing & claims perspective
  • Patients not empowered; Physicians alienated and frustrated
  • Decentralized Computing
  • Blockchain
  • Distributed Digital Rights Management
  • Community Driven Approach
  • Focus on Patient & Physician Needs

A Universal Health Information Network (UNHIN) that is universally available to everyone for free, completely open source, wholly community driven, economically self-sustaining, and independent of any commercial enterprise

Visit https://www.unhin.org

The UNHIN will be an "internet of health information" that will have a similar impact on Healthcare that the internet has had on our general lives

  • Enable patient centric care
  • Eradicate healthcare interoperability issues
  • Improve the quality of care
  • Fight corruption in healthcare
  • Help physicians coordinate closely
  • Remove unnecessary expenditure on EHR and interoperability
  • Improve the quality of care of care by empowering patients
  • Provided unprecedented access to data and analytics
  • Help monitor and reduce global health risk


St. James Medical Complex

Trinidad and Tobago

Dhingra Hospital

Ferozepur, India

Khanna Nursing Home

Ferozepur, India